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My Journey in Bharatanatyam

My name is Aparajita Shimpi. This July 29th, I will be completing my Arangetram at the age of 16. An Arangetram is essentially a graduation from the classical art form that I've dedicated 10+ years towards. It marks the end of my journey as a student, the beginning as a teacher, and the continuity as a dancer. Learn more about my journey, me as a dancer, and my love for the dance form below.


Aparajita Shimpi has been diligently learning Bharatanatyam for approximately 10 years now. She embarked on this journey at the young age of 5, coinciding with the auspicious inauguration of the esteemed Calai Chandra School of Bharatanatyam (CCSB) and becoming one of the school’s first students. Throughout the years, her progress has closely mirrored the growth of CCSB, which has been under the expert guidance of her guru, Ms. Calai Chandrashekharam, whose phenomenal teaching abilities have left an indelible impression on Aparajita.

Aparajita is a person of diverse interests, encompassing the arts, education, and athletics. Her passion for dance, particularly Bharatanatyam, has only grown stronger over time. She has been an active member of her school's orchestra since 5th grade, playing the viola, and cherishes singing opportunities with her uncle. Aparajita has developed a keen interest in riflery as her school sport and excels in swimming as well. Notably, she is fascinated by Astronomy and actively co-runs an Astronomy club at her school, with aspirations of delving deeper into this subject.

When it comes to Bharatanatyam, Aparajita has faced the challenge of extended gaps in her learning due to scheduling constraints. However, Aparajita's unwavering passion for the art form and the guidance of her dedicated guru has consistently drawn her back to Bharatanatyam. Now, as she prepares to complete her Arangetram this July, a significant milestone in her artistic journey, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to express herself through this traditional debut performance.

Aparajita cherishes the profound cultural significance of Bharatanatyam and ardently hopes to carry forward this ancient art to preserve its rich heritage for generations to come. Her Arangetram marks a momentous step in this pursuit, symbolizing not only her artistic maturity but also her enduring commitment to the sublime art of Bharatanatyam.

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